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folio1 provides innovative, powerful cloud software solutions, strategy, technical expertise & system integration that provides seamless customer user experience across all business systems.

To remain competitive, organisations big or small are under increasing pressure to deliver higher performance, efficiency and resilience at all levels. A need exists to find new ways of doing business in a more optimal and cost-effective ways.


Our solutions services have been built & develop to work for SMB, Large & Enterprise companies. That are looking to digital transform their business to the cloud using Microsoft Azure Cloud services & solutions.

Digital Transformation

Are dated technology and processes holding your business back?

Today, success hinges greatly on your ability to adapt to rapid changes in the digital space by aligning technology with corporate goals. We provide digital-transformation planning to help make that happen.


Upgrade your business today

Software Development

Is off-the-shelf software leaving you unable to match technology to your corporate vision?

As the enterprise IT environment becomes ever more complex, businesses are increasingly in need of specialised software solutions and integrations that work for them. We offer custom software development to help make that possible.

Develop your app today

Cloud Solutions

Does your business lack the agility needed to empower the mobile workforce?

Within the next couple of years, it’s expected that over two thirds of all enterprise computing workloads will be outsourced to the cloud. We provide cloud-hosting for applications, desktops and more to prepare your business for a location-independent future.

Move your business to the cloud

Strategic Planning

Do you have a vision for your business, yet you don’t know how to start putting it into motion?

A lack of proper planning is the number-one reason for failed digital initiatives, and it’s a mistake companies make all the time. We use our strategic planning process to help you get more out of your existing systems.

Optimise your existing systems


Are software-development projects taking forever to complete?

In the dynamic world of corporate IT, businesses need to do everything they can to stay one step ahead of the game. Powered by continuous improvement and strong collaboration, DevOps is the methodology we use to optimise software-development lifecycles and processes.

Automate release lifecycles

UX Optimisation

Are you hoping to retain customers and maximise their lifetime values by offering an unforgettable experience?

Having a great-looking website is no longer enough – you also need to offer a flawless user experience throughout the buyer journey. We work with you every step of the way to optimise every stage of the process.

Optimise user experiences

Data Analytics

Are you having trouble making sense of increasingly vast repositories of digital data?

The ability to extract actionable insights from data generated by digital activities has become an essential part of corporate decision-making. We develop and integrate data-analytics solutions that drive smart decisions and fuel future growth.

Make sense of your data

Managed Services

Are IT problems taking up all your time and stifling employee productivity?

Managing everything in-house is both costly and resource-intensive, and it lacks the agility of today’s modern, cloud-hosted services. We offer managed services to protect your business from digital threats and streamline operational efficiency.

Outsource your IT worries


Are cybersecurity woes keeping you up at night?

Hackers are working around the clock to exploit businesses large and small using an ever-increasing array of tactics. These days, a proactive cybersecurity strategy that evolves alongside advancements in technology itself is the only way to go. We offer security you can depend on.

Lock down your business

We don’t deliver products; we deliver solutions to complex problems.

Addressing complex everyday business challenges from technology strategy, total service portal development, data integration, managed services, cloud hosting and integration systems development.

We help to refine and implement your needs for improving workflows, streamlining communications, providing world-class customer service and sustained market leadership.

All of this is driven by the software applications and systems you use, their ability to ‘talk’ to each other and integrate efficiently to deliver on your investment.

Does your business need bespoke software tailored perfectly to fit its requirements?

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