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A cloud native technology Azure partner, highly skilled specialists focused on Azure Cloud Implementation, Cognitive, API & DevOps Services.

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Providing technology solutions that digitally transforms, inspires & delivers outcomes…

We build & develop custom software applications that transform business processes. By providing dedicated services in Microsoft Azure Cloud technology, delivered by our broad collective engineering experience.

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Businesses today are looking for more innovative ways to be more flexible to deliver their business services to clients faster, reliable & securable than ever before.

Technology Consultancy

Combining emerging, connected, and smart technologies to digitally transform industries. We help businesses with resourcing needs from engineering, project management & cloud architecture solutions.

A cloud-native technology Azure partner, highly skilled specialists focused on Azure, Teams and M365.


Tailored Specialist in Driving Cloud Innovation: Through Microsoft Azure Cloud Solutions, Azure Cloud Transformation, API Integration Solutions & Custom Software Development 

Digital Transformation

Today, success hinges greatly on your ability to adapt to rapid change...

Future proof your business

Software Development

Legacy software leaving you unable to match today's technology...

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Cloud Solutions

Harnessed cloud technology, by moving critical Business Software...

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folio1 is a specialist in Custom Software Applications & Cloud Solution partner with Microsoft Azure services. Partnering with industry leaders to provide end to end solutions.

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