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Digital Transformation

Build More Efficient Business with Digital Transformation

folio1 guides clients on their digital journeys by modernizing and integrating their mission-critical IT systems, preserving the value of existing investments and deploying digital solutions.

Today’s business leaders are under constant pressure to adapt to rapid changes in the digital technology landscape. As the focus shifts from commerce to customers, there’s a greater need than ever to be more agile, innovative and transparent. Much of that depends on modern technology and the increasingly important role of data in driving business decisions and streamlining operational efficiencies.

The Cloud Enables Digital Transformation


Digital transformation presents a key driver for business success in today’s connected world. In its simplest terms, digital transformation is all about using technology to solve common business challenges.

Furthermore, it’s happening across all industry sectors in countries all over the world: Governments are enabling citizens to file taxes online, banks are reaching out to smartphone users with personal finance apps, and ecommerce stores are harnessing the power of data to transform their marketing efforts.

Business are now engaging on cloud transformation implementation so they can quickly make changes to market & customer needs.

Core Benefits

Great strategy drives successful digital transformation, the following are some of the core areas that we focus on.

  • Amplify Operational Efficiency
  • Harness Data-Driven Insights
  • Break Down the Silo Mentality
  • Enable a Mobile Workforce
  • Automation & Systems Integration
  • Supercharge User Experiences

Azure Infrastructure Capabilities Delivery

Discover how we architect custom infrastructure deployments with our comprehensive Azure solutions.


Unify your on-premise, hybrid, and multicloud infrastructure deployments with the accelerated innovation offered by Azure Arc.


Deliver a secure remote desktop experience, so your people can access their desktops and applications from virtually anywhere.


Reduce audit times and achieve real-time cloud compliance — at scale — with consistent governance from Azure Policy.


Manage and improve your security posture with Azure AD, an enterprise grade identity service using single sign-on and multifactor authentication.


Define backup policies and protect your enterprise workloads with a scalable, secure backup solution that offers centralized management and multi-workload support.


Maximize the availability and performance of your applications and services with Azure Monitor, a comprehensive solution for telemetry analysis of your infrastructure.


Strengthen your security posture with a unified infrastructure security management system that helps you protect your on-prem and cloud-based workloads.


Monitor security threats with an advanced, scalable SIEM and SOAR solution, designed to provide a single detection, visibility, and threat response view of your enterprise.

We can help

folio1 endows organisations with the tools, processes & expertise they need to thrive in the dynamic corporate environment.

Key Areas

  • Discover innovative solutions to business challenges
  • Build an agile IT infrastructure that scales with demand
  • Boost efficiency through automated processes CICD DevOps Services
  • Empower informed decision-making with data-driven insights
  • Enhance workforce mobility, productivity & engagement

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