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Cyber Security

Proactively Protect Your Company’s Future with Cyber Security.

How much would a data breach cost your business?

With the cost of breaches rising and malware thriving on dark-web marketplaces, cybersecurity has become the concern of the millennium. Struggling to keep up with the ever-changing threat landscape, many businesses are holding back in the fear that innovating will further increase their attack surfaces. However, rather than being a barrier to growth, cybersecurity can instead empower businesses to do better.

What Is Cybersecurity?

Data is fast surpassing oil as the world’s most valuable commodity, and criminals are exploiting it at every opportunity they get. It’s a trend that has left many businesses afraid of innovating for fear of losing control over their data. Cybersecurity refers to a strategy for protecting an organisation’s digital assets from unauthorised access and use by a malicious outsider or, for that matter, an insider.

Much like the threat landscape itself, the cybersecurity environment is ever-changing and constantly evolving as technology both old and new introduces new challenges. That’s why cybersecurity, along with all the physical, administrative and technical controls that come with it, should be squarely placed at the forefront of any corporate technology planning.

Benefits of Cybersecurity

Prevent Unexpected Downtime

If there’s one monumental technology challenge facing the connected world, it’s the astronomical cost of unscheduled downtime. Often caused by data breaches, these extended periods of downtime lead to lost customers, stifled productivity and even costly legal implications. Proactive cybersecurity is all about planning for the worst and keeping the bank balance in the plus.

Boost Employee Productivity

Spam is one of the biggest killers of workplace productivity, but things can quickly get a whole lot worse when a single spam email turns into a social engineering scam that gives an attacker unhindered access to confidential data. However, rather than being afraid of the threats, a strong cybersecurity strategy can empower employees with the confidence to use mission-critical applications that help companies grow.

Safeguard Your Reputation

Today, a brand’s reputation isn’t in the hands of the company behind it, at least not nearly as much as it used to be. Trust is now a competitive advantage in a world where bad experiences spread like wildfire through review sites and social channels. In other words, cybersecurity isn’t just about protecting confidential data – it’s about standing apart as a trusted and universally respected industry authority.

Proactively Guard Against Threats

Some years ago, many business leaders considered cybersecurity synonymous with antivirus. Now, antivirus software is just one of many layers of security organisations need to keep their systems and data safe. With best-of-breed software and complete integration with all data-bearing systems, today’s cybersecurity solutions can guard against threats both old and new in real-time.

Stay Compliant with Regulations

Compliance regulations concern every business that handles customer information, the most important for Australian companies being the Privacy Act. Amended on 12 March 2014, failure to comply with the security and privacy standards enshrined in law can cost businesses up to A$2.1 million. A proactive and dynamic cybersecurity strategy combined with ongoing training will help ensure compliance.

Azure Cloud Application Security

Microsoft Defender for Cloud provides unified security management and advanced threat protection across hybrid cloud workloads.

Defender for Cloud is a tool for security posture management and threat protection. It strengthens the security posture of your cloud resources, and with its integrated Microsoft Defender plans, Defender for Cloud protects workloads running in Azure, hybrid, and other cloud platforms.

Defender for Cloud provides the tools needed to harden your resources, track your security posture, protect against cyberattacks, and streamline security management. Because it's natively integrated, deployment of Defender for Cloud is easy, providing you with simple auto-provisioning to secure your resources by default.

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  • Azure Sentinel Cloud-Native Services Solution SIEM
  • Secure your interests with SLA management and support

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