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Jul 20, 2017

What's Going On In Artificial Intelligence News?

Artificial intelligence, even to those more in the know, often still brings science fiction and the far future to mind. But we use it all the time - any software that uses new information to improve its algorithms and functioning falls under the umbrella of artificial intelligence. Artificial intelligence is a growing technological project, and while news stories might not mention it by name, software and tech companies are working hard on it.

Self driving cars are a famous example of artificial intelligence being put to mundane, day-to-day use. Currently, General Motors is beginning testing and preparing for mass production of self driving vehicles. The Chinese company Baidu is also planning to offer its self-driving software for free, to entrepeneurs and developers worldwide.

Google has also began a new program, the People + AI Research (PAIR) program, to investigate how users might interact with software AIs. Google has also given a grant to the UK and Ireland-based Press Agency, to begin using AI software to find and promote local news stories. This software is not meant to supplant journalists - rather, to give journalists an edge in finding, choosing, and reporting on stories that might otherwise go overlooked. Google's AI group, DeepMind, has also announced an expansion to Edmonton, Alberta. 

Smaller startups are also working with AI software. One New Zealand startup, Soul Machine, is working to create intelligent and human-like avatars - potentially with the ability to simulate human emotions. Another Chicago startup, HealthJoy, is working to harness AI to help people find healthcare that suits their needs. A startup at Oxford University, DiffBlue, wants to use AI to find errors in code - raising nearly $22 million in US dollars to create this software. These are just a few examples of the many, many, tech startups that want to use AI to improve people's lives.

Artificial intelligence software is here. Now is the time to find and use the new and unique applications for this software, to make the world a better place. Do you want an expert technological service to help your company navigate this software? 

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