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Jul 31, 2017

Microsoft Surface Phone - Myth or Fact?

In a recent microsoft development news interview with Business Insider, Microsoft GM, Ryan Gavan, released some interesting details about the new Microsoft Surface Phone. In fact, Mr. Gavin discussed more than just the Surface Phone and actually went on to give some interesting details about the entire surface line-up, which includes Surface Pro, Surface Studio, and Surface Desktop.

Although the information about Microsoft’s all-inclusive devices was rather interesting, the fact remains that their long-awaited smartphone has not hit the markets yet, despite the green-light given by Microsoft to begin building it back in December of 2015.

Mr. Gavin said that the delay was due to the new innovations and ideas that surrounded the Surface Phone, mainly creating a product that bridges the gap between a normal mobile phone and a mobile productivity device. Although Microsoft has never officially stated that they were building a Surface Phone, Mr. Gavin, said that Microsoft’s Surface 2-in-1 line of products that have come out in the past is a clear indication that the company plans on completing its 2-in-1 smartphone in the near future. Mr. Gavin said that Microsoft has been perfecting its 2-in-1 technology with the previous Surface products and the delay to its new Surface Phone is primarily due to the company’s commitment to releasing multitasking capabilities through its Surface line of products.

Not Just Hardware, But Software Too

Recent reports about the Surface Phone indicated that Microsoft was testing out software to go along with the new hardware it is planning on building. At this time it is not quite clear as to what type of software will be included with the Surface Phone, but rumors have it that a new OS might replace the company’s current mobile support tool, Silverlight.

Possible Features

According to a recent Chinese leak, the Surface Mobile Phone will support the Surface Pen, include a kickstand, and will be powered by a Snapdragon processor. The leaks went on to state that the Surface Mobile may also include a built-in projector, which will display a full desktop continuum.

Surface Phone Release Date?

There is no release date! While many see all these reports and statements by Mr. Gavin as just rumors or plain wishful thinking, Microsoft users can take comfort in the fact that Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella, has also recently indicated that Microsoft is not done with Smartphones just yet. In fact, Nadella went on to say almost the same thing as Garvin, mainly that what Microsoft had in mind for its Surface Phone was unlike anything seen so far and will most likely be a hybrid invention much like the rest of the 2-in-1 Surface Line of products.

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