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Dec 30, 2016

VRs and ARs Expected to Boom with the New Year

The greatest in tech news this week involves predictions of 2017. Currently, VR (Virtual Reality) headsets are one of the hottest tech products. While many Americans were opening VR headsets over Christmas, developers are continuing to advance. ARs (Augmented/Mixed Reality) are predicted to be used mostly in gaming. With VPs sliding into the gaming world, and potentially transforming it, AR (Augmented/Mixed Reality) are following closely behind.

ARs were introduced by Niantic’s Pokemon Go. After the games introduction in the summer of 2016, AR was introduced to a large base of customers. Information and images can now be transferred to the real world. This mixing of reality has been a desired selection and a dream come true for original Pokemon gamers.

With VRs and ARs likely to enter the tech world at a fast rate, producers prepare their products accordingly. The new Apple iPhone is likely to include AR options. Non-Apple phones are also expected to offer AR options via Google’s Tango tech. Along with phone development, glasses are predicted to have both AR and VR apps. 

Snapchat is keeping up with their new glasses that involve AR and VR. These glasses, available for $129.99, are able to capture segments of video that can be shared publicly. This idea started off as a toy, however, is expected to have much more of an impact with the millennial generation. 

Experts in the tech industry are positive that VR and AR items will take off with the New Year. 

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