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Jan 6, 2017

Tech News: Uru Wants to Change Online Video Ads

Advertisers has had a difficult time adapting to the new online landscape. Although they've succeeded in many areas, they've had trouble finding an organic way to advertise within online videos. Traditionally they've treated them like traditional television, with ads either before, after, or during the video. But this isn't realistic in a world where the average length of a YouTube video is about 4 minutes. The ratio of ad to entertainment has changed and advertisers have to change with it. Uru is the latest attempt to do just that.


Uru, a New York based startup, is taking a different approach to online video ads. They've developed a system for finding the best place to place a company's logo or other static ad into a video. While this may sound intrusive, the company believes it is the future of advertising since it creates an ad that, while not completely interrupting the experience, is entirely unskippable and (hopefully) feels appropriate to the video. Another benefit the company claims is that this process isn't limited to new videos. The system can be used to intelligently find the best spot in old videos for branded content and insert it there.


While Uru may look to offer a new form of ad that works well for both advertisers and consumers, it still has the hurdle of consumer disgust to overcome. While ads are important for the new digital economy to function, the reality is that no one likes being advertised to, and any new methods will be met with skepticism. For more of the latest tech news, feel free to contact us today.