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Nov 14, 2016

Swimming may be a lot safer with shark detecting technology

There is no doubt that sharks have been in the water long before humans. With fresh innovations of waterproof technology on the rise in addition to the capabilities of underwater drones, why can't people be duly warned while swimming or surfing in their presence?

Fear no more, technology is starting to overlap in the surfing and water safety world. According to Ariel Bogle from mashable.com in New South Whales, they are designing Buoys to have built-in sonar in order to detect sharks in the water. These buoys capabilities include the ability to detect a sharks sonar and be able to communicate that to lifeguards and other people guarding and swimming on the beach. 

Other ideas in the works include a shark tracking mobile app, and 4G listening stations. This is all part of a sixteen million dollar plan to try to increase safety in the water since shark attacks have been on the rise. 

NSW is planning to launch a research project through UTS (University of Technology in Sydney) in order to survey the efficiency of this new technology before fully releasing it on the market. The first leg of the trial consists of stationing one of the buoys for four weeks. There will also be a trial in Sydney's very popular "Bondi" beach where they will test out the buoy for eight weeks in hopes of the device being ready for the public to use on a regular basis.

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