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Nov 22, 2016

Three IT Predictions for 2017

It won't be long before the IT world will be ringing in the new year along with everyone else.  Often it seems the pace of creativity and innovation is even more accelerated in the world of information technology and it looks like the year 2017 is no exception.

In the latest tech news, research companies are predicting some exciting new trends for the upcoming new year.  According to Gartner, 2017 will bring in a greater movement to incorporate augmented reality technologies into the mainstream.  Once considered a novelty, augmented reality will increasingly blur the lines between the physical world and digital worlds in more practical applications.  Home design and construction, surgical procedures and assembly of complex machinery components in factories are just a few of the ways in which people and processes will incorporate VR.

Gartner is also predicting a 30% increase by 2020 in web browsing sessions conducted without the use of a screen.  Newer technology devices such as Google's audio-centric Home and Amazon's Echo are showing gains in popularity.  The transition to screenless web browsing will extend even further into areas such as cooking, operating machinery and exercising.

Perhaps surprisingly, mobile app creation by corporations will most likely follow a downward trend over the next few years.  Countless businesses jumped on the mobile application bandwagon only to find their ROI was significantly less than expected.  For many businesses, real customer engagement simply did not increase notably enough to offset their investment in mobile applications.

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