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Apr 14, 2017

Microsoft Opens a Cyber-security Center in Latin America

Last year, SevOne was hit by a spear-phishing cyber attack that resulted in the theft of W-2 wage and tax data. This unauthorized access meant that sensitive personal information, which could be used to file false tax returns or carry out identity theft, were in the hands of cyber thieves.

We saw the effect of the recent email hacks during the U.S presidential elections— which is still a topic of debate in political spheres. What are governments and organizations doing to combat the loss incurred from cyber attacks?

According to AT&T's threat intelligence data, over 90% of cyber attacks are either known threats or variations of previously known threats. It is expected that governments and corporate organizations will set up defensive measures to detect and prevent attacks. While this debate rages on, Microsoft has taken a more proactive stand on cyber security.

Microsoft Fights Cyber crime in Latin America

In February, Microsoft launched a Cyber-security Engagement Center in Mexico. The center will collaborate with the Cyber crime Center at Redmond to provide support for Latin American governments in the fight on cyber crime.

The news of this center came after Microsoft vowed to invest over $1 billion every year on cyber-security research and development. In the last two years, the Silicon Valley giant has integrated new technology, from new corporate acquisitions, into its cloud service Azure Information Protection system. Hopefully, Microsoft will achieve the below objectives:

Dismantle Botnet Schemes

In December 2016, a scheme called 'Methbot' was revealed by WhiteOps. This Botnet Russian scheme is the biggest advertising fraud ever! Stealing millions of dollars from US companies daily. Microsoft's new cyber security center will help fight cyber crime and dismantle criminal organizations that work through Botnet schemes.

Create a United Cyber-security Front

It is also expected that the center will allow cyber-security experts in Mexico and other Latin American countries to work together, on a united front with Microsoft specialists.

Development & Training Center

Most organizations and cyber crime professionals handle the cyber-security fight with contemporary methods. However, this is no longer feasible as cyber crime has evolved exponentially in the last few years. The new center in Mexico will act as a base for the development and training of cyber-security practitioners, focusing on government officials and the public sector.

As well as opening a new center, a Government Security Program agreement was signed between Microsoft and the Mexican Federal Police to strengthen IT security. The purpose of this alliance is to share information and reinforce the need for technological research that promotes IT security in cyber crime fighting.

The overall goal of this center is to help companies and governments with security solutions. If cyberspace is secure, there will be an overwhelming digital transformation derived from intelligence, data, forensics, and legal strategies. Contact us for more information on breaking technology news.