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Apr 18, 2017

Trends shaping B2B marketing in 2017

For some time now, marketers have been dealing with actual ROI pressure in growth and commercialization. As a result, for many decision makers and marketers in the B2B marketing, there are trends likely to shape marketing in 2017. For marketers and policymakers to remain relevant, paying attention to some of these trends is critical, to overcome the challenges and complexities likely to come up with time.   

Customer experience balance   

To some extent, the most influential trend that marketers will have to adopt is the focus on improving customer experience. Many organizations are cropping up and offering the same services as your team. To capitalize and retain customers, you need to enhance your customer relationships.

Marketers will have to find ways to strike a balance between client services, while at the same time controlling growth. You cannot focus on customers only and compromise on your organization's profitability. Striking a balance is essential.   

Executive Branding   

Marketing is no longer just a way of advertising your products to potential clients, and expecting them to buy. Introduction of social media and internet mobility, means that traditional command and control method of marketing are now insufficient. Marketers are resulting to executive branding to convince customers of the legitimacy of their products and why they should trust them.

Nowadays, buyers need fine details, before they enter into any transactions with you and hence, executive branding will become a necessity for all marketers to survive in the marketing world.   

Artificial intelligence is not going anywhere   

Due to massive success in the past, integration of artificial intelligence in B2B marketing, and the use of artificial intelligence still continues to impact marketing decisions. One of the ways marketers use artificial intelligence is to gain useful insight on the market, and hence influence their predictions on market trends. That then translates to more sales hence, more profit. Talk to us now for more details.