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Mar 12, 2017

Microsoft Mixed Reality

Augmented and virtual reality are quickly becoming cornerstones of the entertainment industry, and Microsoft announced on March 1 that they will soon join the scene via their Mixed Reality program. Developer kits are set to start shipping this month and will feature Acer headsets and all the software tools necessary to create mixed reality applications. Consumer versions of the headset will not be available until later this year, but the early release of developer tools insures that the Mixed Reality application scene will be thriving by the time it is available to the public.

What exactly is "Mixed Reality?" Terry Myerson, Microsoft's Executive Vice President of Windows and Devices, described the technology for ZDNet last year:

"We use this term mixed reality to represent this spectrum of augmented reality to virtual reality and everything in-between."

The Mixed Reality program will empower applications that combine the physical and virtual worlds like never before. Because it functions with an official Windows interface, it will also make virtual application development much more accessible.

Only developers who attended Microsoft's Mixed Reality session at the recent Game Developers Conference are guaranteed the kit, but any interested developer can sign up for ID@Xbox and apply for their own early access. The potential of Xbox integration is particularly intriguing as Project Scorpio is slated to launch later this year. Scorpio's sheer processing muscle will give it some serious Mixed Reality chops.

Demand for these kits will certainly be high in the coming months as both game designers and more practically focused application developers scramble for access. Microsoft Mixed Reality has expanded creative possibilities, to say the least. Stay tuned for the latest Microsoft development news and please don't hesitate to contact us if you have any questions about applications, development, or any other pertinent topics.