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Mar 18, 2017

How Microsoft is Seeking to Spur Creativity

We live in a dynamic working environment, and currently, the main aim of most employees is to find ways in which they can stir up creativity among the staff. It is for that reason that Microsoft and Steelcase are in collaboration to develop work spaces that will encourage inventions in various enterprises. Here are some of the latest smart office ideas that Microsoft is introducing through the partnership.

Duo Studio

Creativity to some extent requires the bringing of two minds together,  to encourage sharing of ideas. The Duo Studio is a development that is making that possible while also appreciating the need to support individual work by making Microsoft Surface Studio available. A lounge area is also available, to allow people to take a break without necessarily leaving the office. The same area also acts as a provision for inviting others to review new ideas with Surface Hub.

Focus Studio

Attention, focus, and time alone are part of the ingredients of new inventions, and that is what the Focus Studio avails. It allows individuals to concentrate on what they are working on as well as a seamless switch to two-person collaboration within the same space. Ordinarily, incubation comes first before sharing of new inventions to the majority. That is what happens in the Focus Studio with the help of Microsoft Surface Book or Surface Pro 4.

Ideation Hub

When working on a special creation as a group, it is important to give every participant an opportunity to share what they have, which ultimately promotes the active participation of all. That is what the Ideation Hub supports as it facilitates co-creation, refining, and sharing of ideas on Microsoft Surface Hub.

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