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Aug 11, 2017

Latest Artificial Intelligence News

Artificial intelligence is a revolution in world affairs affecting personal lives and various industries. There is a growing need for new innovations that address the needs of the society. Many AI systems have come up to address various needs from information processing, security, and dissemination.  The systems address various consumer needs by evaluating shopping trends, service delivery, and product lifespan. Industry players are coming up with various AI systems that address various challenges. They include:

Voice recognition software

Innovations in voice recognition software and natural language processing are helping businesses and individuals tighten their security and data protection. The improvements address the need for tighter security in homes, businesses, and to protect sensitive data from unauthorized intrusion.

Reinforcement learning

The innovation aims to improve machine learning and instruction to enable it to solve complex problems. It requires relentless experimentation and analysis. Reinforcement learning will play a major role in solving real-world situations by increasing computer skill range through testing in various simulated environments.

This year will see a likely attempt to apply reinforcement learning to solve problems industries are experiencing in industrial robotics and automated driving. Corporate firms are already using the learning to improve the efficiency of data centers.

Generative adversarial networks

The system generates new data that separates real data from fake data and generates synthetic data. This approach is useful in generating video-game scenery, de-blurring video footage, and applying stylistic changes to all computer generated designs.  The system will make computers more intelligent in future as they learn from unlabeled data.

Artificial intelligence  predicts patient lifespans

In less than five years time, AI will be able to predict the lifespan of a patient by examining the images of their organs. This will greatly impact healthcare.