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Aug 4, 2017

AI Bots Create New Language

A laboratory named OpenAI, co-founded by Elon Musk of Tesla fame and Sam Altman from the Bay Area's YCombinator, recently made an exciting advancement for the artificial intelligence community. The organization's researchers used their skills to show Artificial Intelligence bots how to create their own language. After the Artificial Intelligence bots learned the language, they were free to talk with each other on their own without help from the researchers. This is groundbreaking since Artificial Intelligence bots typically learn what to do or receive instructions after they analyze massive amounts of information. 

First, the OpenAI scientists developed a secure environment of a two-dimensional square for the Artificial Intelligence bots. The bots appear as circles in different colors and could move around freely in the two-dimensional square. Researchers gave the Artificial Intelligence bots certain assignments to finish in the environment. 

Later the researchers helped the Artificial Intelligence bots develop their own language using numbers to communicate with each other. They used a popular reinforcement learning technique so the Artificial Intelligence bots could get feedback when an action did not work. The bots could remember what actions worked and which did not, so they could use that knowledge for their next task. The bots gradually changed and altered the language so the researchers had to decode it before the experiment ended.

Based on the evidence, the scientists at OpenAI believe devices with Artificial Intelligence could develop an expressive language in the future, making it an important advancement for the Artificial Intelligence community. 

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