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31 Mar

Three trends expected to impact on enterprise application development

In today's world, irrespective of what type of organization you run whether a cloth line, farming, production or computers, in one way or another you have to give in to the fact that the digital era is here and there is no escaping it. For many enterprises, information technology is as vital a tool to run activities as the employees working there.

With IT in the company, level comes business applications used to run the organizations digitally. Technologies such as bio-metrics authorization and digital signatures are some of the application that has fueled the desire by firms to go digital. So, what are some of the trends likely to surround enterprise application development?    

 More of hybrid applications   

With various businesses looking for different functionalities in an application, developers have to develop more hybrid apps that can perform multiple applications. Web application on mobile devices should offer the same solutions without compromising on quality. Also, composite applications can facilitate simultaneous platforms on a single platform hence allowing easy control and maintenance.   

Moving storage to the cloud   

I cannot emphasize the issue of cloud enough. With the rate at which data gets produced, the safest place to store data away from cyber-crime is the cloud. Many enterprises are shifting to cloud storage, and soon much more will follow suit. With many cloud providers coming up, cloud storage costs will come down hence making it affordable for many enterprises.   

 Let's talk about Internet of Things    

Internet of things ensures a lot is achievable, like machines answering to vocal commands of its users. Since the internet is everywhere and easily accessible, Internet of Things improves accessibility to data from smart-phone devices and even now in wearable watches. Every enterprise IT team knows better than to ignore Internet of Things in days to come, the benefits expected are insane. Get in touch with us now for more information.

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