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30 Mar

What's new in the world of Microsoft?

The year 2017 has proved a monumental year for Microsoft's gaming. With the recent hardware and software upgrades, users can now enjoy a more interactive gaming experience. Being one of Microsoft's recent updates, Creators Update brings a host of exciting features; gamer-oriented tournaments, Beam, and other fan-requested upgrades.

Beam notably improves the gamer's performance and streaming experience. It's an interactive, low-latency feature that changes how players play and participate. With Beam, it's not just about chatting with the game broadcasters, but streamers can now set up interactive buttons that provide options such as in-studio lighting and trigger on-screen effects. Here are the primary themes the Beam upgrade brings:

Instant Streaming

Beam connects gamers to their Xbox Live account allowing them to stream their favorite games on the Xbox Live community. It does not need extra software and viewers can watch their streams from anywhere.

Users define the rules of the tournament

Beam brings new games from professional organizers such as ESL. Additionally, with games such as World of Tanks gamers can create their arena matches with new supported titles over time. Users can then invite their friends to join the game.

Improved performance

Creators update also boasts a new gaming feature known as the Game Mode. The setting optimizes the user's Windows 10 PC gaming experience by increasing performance. Microsoft is also rebuilding successful multi-tasking skills to enhance speed and accessibility. The increasing number of developers signing up to integrate Beam to their games only tells how exciting this feature is. Talk to us now for more information.

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