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5 Oct

The Truth Behind the Android Engagement Paradox

It''s generally thought that iOS is a more profitable platform than Android, and on the surface, that might be true. iOS has much better engagement numbers than Android, despite Android being a bigger segment of the market. This has been dubbed the Android Engagement Paradox, and unfortunately has led to some untrue assumptions about the nature of the Android market.

Fragmentation, Not Stagnation
Comparing iOS to Android already assumes the two platforms are similar. iOS runs on a limited number of devices, all manufactured and designed by Apple. This closed ecosystem creates a more consistent user experience, but also limits the choices of users. Android, on the other hand, is free to be used by third parties, resulting in a wide range of devices with the OS installed. This is the biggest factor that''s behind the so-called Android Engagement Paradox. If you take the numbers from the highest end of the Android device spectrum (premier devices like the Samsung Galaxy series or the HTC One) and compare those to the iPhone market (which is completely high-end), the numbers become much more similar. This means that the lower engagement numbers from Android aren''t representative of the spending habits of users, but an average of the many different types of user experiences on the platform. This means that Android isn''t a weak platform; in fact, it could offer your company opportunities other businesses are missing out on. By building strong apps and appealing to the wide variety of Android users, you could prove the Android Engagement Paradox wrong and find success on one of the strongest and most undervalued platforms in the world.  
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