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3 Oct

Technology Tomorrows Future

Technology is ever changing. From the behemoth computers that took up entire warehouses to solve relatively simple mathematical problems, we have advanced to computers that are capable of answering questions on television shows or even learn new words taught to them by humans. And that is just in the last 50 or so years. Imagine what technology tomorrow will look like. Will artificial intelligence become a reality? Will we have robotic manservants? Those advances may be a long way off, but looking to the near term of technology''s future, it is very exciting.

In the near future, computers will have become more ingrained in our daily lives. They already go everywhere with us in our iPhones and Samsung Galaxys. Google is developing their Glass technology that will put the computer right in front of the user''s eyes. These advances have come in the last five years or so, but they are only the beginning of technological advancements that will change the way we interact with the world and each other.

Technological advancements have been centered around the computer for the past few decades. Advances in computer technology have allowed other technological advancements. As we continue to advance the computer and what it is capable of doing, we will continue to advance technology at a pace that has been unmatched in human history.

folio1 is at the forefront of many of these technological advancements. By using advancements in computer technology to advance technology in other areas, the company is making great strides in advancing what humans are capable of achieving through the use of technology.

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