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1 Jun

How Managed Services Increase Your Organization's Security

After the mid-May global cyber-attack, Microsoft came under scrutiny. Though Microsoft had released security patches not all users downloaded the updates. Other users failed to follow internet security protocol and opened questionable email content. Human error aided the spread of ransomware, but the virus exploited software weaknesses. Hence the scrutiny and Microsoft's quick response.

Microsoft's Response

The scope of the attack reveals the extent to which so many entities rely on Microsoft-powered products. From hospitals in the UK to a handful of businesses in Australia, companies and organizations run the risk of collectively losing billions of dollars. Microsoft has urged consumers to keep their systems updated, but in a compelling twist the company has also called upon the U.S. government to change its course when it comes to cyber warfare.

Most users have accepted the fact that breaches will occur. But what most users do not expect is for governments to purposefully exploit software weaknesses and then hold on to that information for their own purposes. Microsoft considers this practice irresponsible.

Microsoft's Solution

In a blog post, Microsoft Corp. President Brad Smith called for the U.S. government  "to take a different approach [to cyber warfare] and adhere in cyberspace to the same rules applied to weapons in the physical world.” 

Since every business, consumer and government organization uses the web-connected cloud each day, each entity is open to attack and open to blame for viral spread. Until government organizations better regulate their cyber weapons, it makes sense for users to stay alert to, and prepared for, security breaches. 

For users, the first line of defense is a well-managed cloud. Staying ahead of updates and patches is imperative, as is storing and maintaining records. For more information on managed services and how they can help protect your organization's data, please contact us.

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