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9 Jun

Microsoft Unveils the New Fastest Surface Pen

For a long time, Microsoft has been pushing for its pen technology in Windows and Surface for years. The newly developed surface Pro is by far the fastest pen in the world as described by Microsoft. The newly improved surface pen that comes with tilt efficiencies for more capability has received credit by those who have used it as being both fast and better than the first one.    

Reduced lag    

With the new hardware, lag instances get largely reduced as the device speeds up the surface inking experience. Apart from the reduced lag, the pen also brings a new tilt experience that allows the designers and creators to incorporate shading efficiencies by aligning the pen at a particular angle just like a pencil.    

Improved API technology    

Another cool feature of the new pen is the speed at which information from the pen to the systems gets relayed. The touch controller customized for Microsoft communicates to the custom silicon, the display accelerometer and the pen’s data gets sent before the operating system can detect it. In simple terms, with the pen, you write on the screen and the computer records before the operating system can identify the writing. That is how fast information from the pen gets relayed.    

Improved pen latency    

With the increased speed, Microsoft can erase about a hundred millisecond trail of ink before the rest of the system can catch up, hence increased pen latency. With the rates, Microsoft describes the pen as being twice as fast as the previous and twice as responsive as their competitor, Apple pencil.

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