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28 Feb

Future Technology and Its Impact in the Workplace


Over the years, it''s easy to see how much of an impact technology has had in the workplace. Not only has it allowed companies to run more efficiently, but it''s also opened up a variety of different opportunities for employers and employees alike. Now that it''s on the rise more than ever, though, how will future technology impact the workplace and change the business world?

Here are a few possibilities: 1. Fewer People/More Machines

One of the biggest impacts technology is having in the business world, and will continue to have, is that it creates less of a need for human workers, especially when it comes to manual labor. Unlike the average worker, who is prone to tiring out, machines can run for vast amounts of time with little to no slowdown. Not only is this better for profit, but much more can be accomplished in a shorter amount of time. That''s not to say all manual labor will become obsolete, but it''s still something to consider. We''ve become very dependent on our technology to do the work for us, and unlike machines, we''re susceptible to errors and miscalculations.

2. Stronger Collaboration

Future technology has also impacted the workplace, in the sense that it''s allowing for stronger collaboration between businesses, especially through the use of social media sites and instant forms of communication. No longer are you required to be in the same room as your coworker(s) to get the job done. For example, if you and four of your teammates are assigned a lengthy project for the company, you could go your separate ways, but still stay in communication with each other on Skype. Every now and then, the five of you could message each other back and forth on project''s status. It''s much more efficient than having a meet up while trying to adjust to everyone''s hectic schedules.

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