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28 Feb

Agile Software Development: Real People Helping Real People Succeed

The concept of being agile in the development of software has evolved in response to the ever-changing digital landscape. Officially, the term was adopted in the industry in the early 2000s, when the Manifesto for Agile Software Development was created. This book outlined some values and principles, of which set into practice modern methodologies for agile software development.

Leave it to technical geeks to create a complicated term and concept in an effort to simplify the development of software! Nevertheless, being agile in an ever-changing digital landscape is essential for online businesses to stay relevant. As software changes to suite modern technology, so does the development process, thus creating a need for a more collaborative effort with clients.

The end goal is to develop software solutions tailored to each unique client''s needs. This takes creativity and strategy, not to mention the technical expertise to put the effort into action. The goal is to develop software solutions which holistically fulfill the critical needs of our clients in all aspects of their online efforts.

Folio1 embraces agile software development, and we tailor our services to successfully utilize the values and principles it contains. For instance, in our effort to help clients bring their digital products and services to the market, we work in small teams so each group can focus on understanding their piece of the project more efficiently. We also put a premium on clients working with us, so we can understand the details needed in developing a custom solution.

The whole point of agile software development is to take away the cookie-cutter strategy, and replace it with a personalized tailor-made strategy based on each customer''s need. In other words: we use commons sense and creative expertise to develop working software a customer actually wants and needs.

Not every software development service is the same, just as not every customer is the same. Each is going to have a different idea of what agile software development means. This means: when hiring a software development service, you need to take into consideration the ability of that company to be creative and responsive to your unique needs.

At Folio1, we''ve made our keen ability to be agile in software development a part of our overall strategy. We do this simply by understanding the individual needs of each client, then working in small teams to tailor a collaborative strategy. Our experience over the years gives us the ability to understand the ever-changing digital world, and our technical expertise gives us the ability put that understanding into action, to create the responsive development needed for our customers'' software solutions.

In other words, we''re real people who like to work with real people, in order to create great results that work. Yes, we know technology, but more importantly we know and value people too. If you''d like to know more about how agile software development can benefit your business, please contact us today.

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