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7 Nov

Digital Content And Social Media

Content means a lot for online businesses and companies today. It's the meat that drives traffic to your page so they can become familiarized with your platform. The more content you have, the more your company or business has to say, but just having this content displayed on your site is not always enough. You have to be able to share the content to get your audience to notice. Nine times out of ten search engine optimization doesn't work in your favor so social media becomes your strong point. Properly sharing and advertising this content on your social media page then becomes the next challenge. Often times a business or company will hire a full-time employee just to handle this work. Thankfully, today all of this can be done with just some simple tools and software.

One of these tools is Content DJ. This is one of the more popular content to social media integration tools. This displays all of your site's content on one page so the user can easily pick and choose what to send to the social media account, and what not to send. 

Another great tool for this is Curata. This software is very similar to Content DJ but operates slightly differently. This software allows you to search the internet for appropriate content, adjust your sources, and find your targeted audience. This platform is a bit more complex, but can offer more features compared to Content DJ. 

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