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14 Nov

The Biggest Startup's To Shake Their Inudstry

Folio1 Startup News

Startups are the voice of small businesses today. They're typically made up of the tech savvy millennials we see sweep across many industries. There are startups all around us, some truly have great potential. 

One of these great startups is Checkr. As freelance work grows in popularity all around the globe with services like Uber for example, there is an overwhelming importance for background checks. Checkr allows all of these businesses and companies to make those checks bringing security to hire freelancers. 

Workflow is an incredibly innovative startup app that does just as the title sounds. This app allows its audience to organize a list of tasks in a chart form so their users can work through the through out their day without having the trouble of digging through files or having to organize the tasks. After all, it is all about flow. 

Another big startup to arise is HackerOne. This startup brings hackers to business use. Security is very important for businesses today. Their reputation can depend on it. This in combination with the overwhelming amount of hacks in recent years, and the cost it brings to businesses makes HackerOne a useful startup today. 

Inverse is the next millennial appeal right behind Vice. This startup is focused on bringing all of the news, science, music, and many other interests to its audience with a tone to appeal to millennials. 

These are just a few startups that are shaking the industries they operate in.

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