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7 Oct

Agile Project Management: MSP or Software and System Integrator?


When considering outsourcing options for the IT department, businesses might not consider using a system integrator vs. a MSP. Withstanding the differences between providers, their services are intrinsically different from a system integrator's service. So, which service would work best to achieve agile project management: MSP or software and system integrator?

Enterprise System Upgrades and Management

Businesses understand when its time to outsource the IT department, whether augmenting or a complete outsourced cloud enterprise system (maybe even paperless). Usually, business owners simply need direction in agile project management and development; enterprise systems need enhanced and upgraded in certain areas.

The software systems integrator service (like folio1) has technical expertise along with software and systems expertise. They'll point clients in the right direction with software partners, integrate the innovative software seamlessly into all business systems, then manage them for peak efficiency and productivity.

The MSP services can help in agile project management, yet on-site and hosting services takes their focus off other services. MSPs, compared to folio1, lack expertise in an expanded suite of partnered software solutions. The scope of their agile methodology for project management is limited to their amount of solutions.

Seamless Integration and Innovative Software Solutions

folio1 can help businesses who want to upgrade their enterprise systems through agile project management, in order to achieve seamless integration within all business systems.

There are some amazing solutions available for businesses in all industries, and folio1 can be the software and system integrator that helps businesses realize and implement these innovative game-changers. If interested in learning more, please contact us for a free consultation.


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