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7 Oct

Digital Transformation 101: What, Why, and How

Digital Transformation

What is Digital Transformation? 

Digital transformation refers to the active integration of digital technologies into established processes. The end goal is to gain access to the opportunities and benefits of utilizing digital technologies, such as continuous optimization. While the term digital transformation is an umbrella term, it is most commonly used in business landscapes in reference to organizations undergoing rapid, full-spectrum transformation to digital technologies. 

How Digital Transformation is Changing Business

In order to understand digital transformation and its impact on business, it's important to first understand digital technologies.

In short, digital technologies are data-based, electronic systems, tools, and resources that store data. While many assume that digital technologies are business specific, they also include social media, multimedia, cloud computing, online gaming, and various other applications.

While there are a plethora of technologies boasting their abilities to streamline processes, digital technologies offer a diverse spectrum of tools for business model renovation. For example, having ready access to marketing and publicity platforms via social media applications is a game-changing benefit for businesses that want or need to expand. Cloud computing, the storing of data on an internet server rather than a personal or internal one, is another highly useful tool allowing companies to streamline data usage and access. 

In short, digital technologies allow businesses to focus on agility, innovation, and connectivity. They also boost efficiency and productivity by offering automated processes and more access to organizational tools. 

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