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10 May

3 Reasons Why Your Emails Should Educate Consumers Before They're Ready to Buy

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Email marketing is all about giving consumers content that actually fits their profile and position on the buyer's journey. Giving prospective customers information that they don't need and don't want is one of the fastest ways to make them unsubscribe from your mailing list. But at the same time, you don't want to let customers continue on with their existing knowledge. If they don't progress along the buyer's journey, then they'll never be ready to make a purchase. Give your future customers knowledge because:

1. Customers are less likely to buy something if they don't know anything about it.

Not all consumer purchases are self-explanatory. In fact, knowledge of any product or service can get deeper and deeper, and there's always something for even industry experts to learn. But if consumers don't have any context at all for a product, they can't see how it fits into their life or how to compare different versions. Introduce your leads to new products and services with anecdotes and success stories from people who had problems your target audience is currently grappling with.

2. You can help guide the consideration stage.

The consideration stage is the second stage in the buyer's journey, or the journey from discovering a need to finalizing a purchase. In this stage, consumers are researching different products and comparing services to see what fits their need best. If you're educating your leads about a service type, you can highlight certain essential features and signs of quality.

3. Quickly establishing your expertise makes your brand stand out.

You don't want to give customers content they aren't looking for, but giving them adjacent content to their main problem or query makes you look knowledge. That's why so many companies send out newsletter emails. They have short snippets and features content so customers are more likely to find an article they're interested in, but they can also see the wealth of information you can give them.

Email marketing has a lot of details, especially if you want to specifically target consumers and look more appealing than other automated emails. Content our team to see how tools like Marketo can help your business today.

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