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Customer Nurturing Keeps Future Customers in Your Pipeline

Inbound marketing is all about reaching customers when they reach out for answers. Randomly sending out emails to general consumers is nowhere near as effective as emailing people who are already interested in what you have to offer. That's why there's so much value in forming a relationship with customers when they first start researching a problem or a need: eventually they'll be ready to buy, and you're a better vendor choice than a random site.

But the gap between that initial connection and a paid purchase might be a long time. Buyer's journeys can take a matter of seconds or they can last for months. Emails and customer nurturing are the perfect tools to stay in your lead's mind during longer journeys.

What is customer nurturing?

Customer nurturing is all about communication and relationship-building. Once you become a trusted provider of knowledge or mailing list incentives, consumers will join your mailing list. That's a great platform for regularly sending them industry updates, useful tutorials, and content that's perfectly suited to their profile. 

Providing this content keeps your connection with the customer alive. It also gives your brand a familiar feel; the more a consumer is exposed to your logo and company name, they more they prefer it. Most importantly, your content is helping the customers continue on the buyer's journey. You're giving them more and more knowledge so they're more confident buying a solution: your solution.

Customer nurturing isn't just for leads who might make their first purchase with your company. You can use the same concept for converting one-time customers into return customers and return customers into valuable customers in your loyalty programs. But different customer personas and types of customers need different strategies and content.

Contact our team and findout how you can reach out to several different groups of consumers with good content and automated email marketing tools like Marketo.

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