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3 Mar

3 Benefits of Amazon Web Service Hosting

Folio1 Collaborative Development

Amazon Web Service (AWS) is a cloud-computing program currently hosting 190 businesses world-wide. AWS is a growing empire expanding their breadth from notable clients such as Netflix, Pinterest, and Instagram, to general hosting support of smaller, individualized businesses.

3 Benefits of Amazon Web Service Hosting

1) Cost-Effective

The basic idea that Amazon Web Service falls behind, is pay for what you use. Clients who opt to host with AWS pays only for the computer power, resources, and storage that are used. AWS also offers the ability to try out the hosting services as they don''t require any up-front commitments or long-term contracts. Simply put, if it''s not working you don''t have to see a contract through or supplement a broken contract with a large payout.

For more information regarding Amazon Web Services cost-effective platform, feel free to read more Cloud Economics.

2) Quality Performance

The most important aspect of Amazon Web Service hosting lies within its amazing scalable platform, which lends to high-quality performance. AWS offers customized tools, elastic load balancing, and auto scaling, all which allow clients to scale up or down based upon ever-changing demand. This flexibility creates a hosting atmosphere that will grow with an application, instead of stymie its progression.

For more information regarding customer relations with Amazon Website Services performance, feel free to review these case studies and customer success stories.

3) Security & Reliability

As the internet burgeons with new application and utilization, security has become an increasingly important hot topic and aspect for any business dealing with potentially BLANK data.

Amazon Web Service hosting focuses on hardening their infrastructure via physical, software, and operational measures. For evidence of their reliable security, simply look at their long-standing business Amazon.com. AWS utilizes the same security measures that are implemented at Amazon.com, a multi-billion dollar business based solely online for over a decade.

For more information regarding Amazon Web Services security, feel free to read more at Cloud Security.

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