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Aug 29, 2017

The Coco Framework by Microsoft

Blockchain technology formerly supports the crypto currency Bitcoin. The technology continues to evolve into a utility that has broad applications, particularly in the business industry.

There is considerable interest in blockchain technology in the business industry, especially when it comes to inventory management or ledger services. However, some companies are indignant to adopt this new technology due to some issues that require urgent resolves. For instance, factors like confidentiality and security, latency, and throughput serve as stumbling blocks to the incorporation of blockchain technology. With the new Coco Framework, Microsoft aims to dissolve these issues and make blockchain technology user-friendly.

The Coco Framework by Microsoft introduces the Trusted Execution Environment to help solve these essential problems. Basically, with the use of tools such as Intel's Software Guard Extensions or Windows' Virtual Secure Mode, the framework establishes a secure environment where a user can store their blockchain code. With the secure environment, a user can build a nexus of stable sectors or rather enclaves that all trace back to the ledger and the Coco code running.

Updates to the ledger are electronic and instantaneous with the help of the Coco code. This feature eliminates the need to proofread data entries as with traditional accounting management practices. Microsoft claims that Coco can handle up to 16000 transactions per second with just the prototype setup.

Coupling blockchain technology with Coco Framework features provides a business with a valuable database and is one of the most successful ventures of Microsoft so far.

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