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May 19, 2017

Microsoft Development News - 3 Highlights from Microsoft Build 2017

Technology companies never seem to fail at bringing exciting ideas and features to developers and users alike.  This year's recent Microsoft Build 2017 conference for developers was no exception.  Rather than holding themselves apart from other types of technology, Microsoft has decided to see the value of playing well with others.  Allowing users more options and flexibility is definitely the right move.  In their recent conference, Microsoft discussed some of the exciting new concepts they are planning to roll out this Fall in their Windows 10 Creators Update.

1.  Microsoft's Pick Up Where You Left Off concept will now be coming to iOS and Android.  Microsoft is bringing over some of their Creators Update features to Android and iOS devices.  Users will soon be able to send files and photos from their OneDrive by way of iMessage.  And if they want to start a project on their Windows PC and finish it up on their iPhone, they can do that too.

2.  iTunes is going to be available in the Windows Store.  This means those who want to buy a lightweight, affordable notebook loaded with Microsoft's upcoming Windows 10 S operating system will not be penalized.  Windows 10 S will only run off of Windows Store apps, but having iTunes as a choice will incorporate greater flexibility for users.

3. Microsoft will introduce a universal clipboard that spans across devices.  If that isn't exciting enough, they will also offer a Timeline feature.  Want to add an idea to a project you have on your laptop but you left it at work?  No problem.  Microsoft's Timeline feature will allow you to go back to a project you were working on from any device.

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