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Apr 28, 2017

Azure's New Cloud Migration Assessment Tool

As the competition between major platforms increases Microsoft has stepped up its game. Gartner analysts have noted Microsoft Azure's limitations and Microsoft developers have responded with free tools that provide decision-makers with more information. Decision-makers now have the opportunity to run the Cloud Migration Assessment tool. Here are some of its benefits.

Thorough Assessment of IT Landscape

The program assesses an organization's hardware configurations across the company's entire IT landscape. By providing an overview of the organization's hardware configurations, Azure's new tool is capable of assessing how much cloud space is needed for a smooth migration and whether or not such a migration is cost-effective. This extends to other savings as well.

The Cloud Migration Assessment tool is free and Microsoft is offering licensing discounts. In addition to these incentives, the tool analyzes on-premise workloads and offers suggestions on the VM types that would be most cost-effective for a cloud migration. 


Other Updates

Microsoft provides users with additional tools aimed to ease server-to-cloud migration. Azure is capable of transferring configuration-dependent images and also provides organizations with a range of replication services that facilitate VM migration. In addition, Azure Site Recovery and Azure Migration Accelerator integrate with the Cloud Migration Assessment tool. This integration provides those who use the Azure platform with a native migration tool. Unlike a complex web of third-party software, Microsoft's migration tools are native to Microsoft platforms, a scenario that will likely accelerate cloud adoption.

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