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Oct 18, 2017

Artificial Intelligence and Microsoft Dynamics 365

At their recent Ignite 2017 Expo, Microsoft revealed their intention to incorporate new artificial intelligence tools into their Dynamics 365 suite of products.  In particular, Microsoft plans to give special emphasis on transforming the customer service functions found in their Dynamics products.  Their primary goal in doing so is to increase satisfaction with both customers and internal support teams.

Virtual Agents

So how does Microsoft plan to implement AI into customer service processes?  One such instance is by creating (intelligent) virtual agents that serve as first-line customer support.  If the virtual agent cannot solve the customer's issue, the customer is then handed off to a live customer agent.  The process continues as the virtual agent learns from the live agent on how to resolve the customer's issue, thereby enabling the virtual agent to solve the issue the next time it occurs with another customer.

Rather than depending on basic bot technology such as scripted dialogues, Microsoft will allow AI authoring and rely on tools such as reinforcement learning, a knowledge graph powered by their Bing search engine and machine reading comprehension.  Microsoft's own support system is already employing AI and using virtual agents, by way of their own use of Dynamics 365.  In addition, Australia's own government is also using virtual agents found in Dynamics 365 for their Department of Human Services.

The Future of Microsoft's AI

Of course, Microsoft is already looking at a multitude of other scenarios where they could harness the power of AI to enhance their products.  One such example is using their Azure services to drive image recognition capabilities that could analyze and classify attributes of photos for both products and people.

It is probably a sure bet that in the next few years technology giants like Microsoft will continue to make great strides in incorporating AI concepts throughout their entire line of products.  Want to know more about the future of AI and Microsoft products?  

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