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7 Jun

When Should You Prompt PWA Visitors to Save the Site?

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. But just like with any other bookmarking, installations, and downloads, you don't want to wait for your visitors to take that step. It's important to prompt them so they convert from visitors to active users or subscribers.

When do PWAs prompt users to add it to their home screen?

Google has an algorithm for Chrome devices that measures users' activity on a PWA. Originally, after a few meaningful interactions or return visits, the PWA would take these as signs of long-term interests and create a pop-up prompt. There was a delay so engineers could better protect against accidentally spamming or prompting visitors too soon. However, they recently re-engineered the code to prompt users faster with greater success. 

But this auto-prompting looked random from the outside. Companies wanted more control over the timing so the messages reached their target markets at a predetermined time.

Target your prompts instead.

Google responded by giving PWA creators that fine-tuned control. Now you can invite visitors to add your site to their homepage at the moment that's right for your business, or you can leave it as-is and let the algorithm decide. If you choose to create targeted prompts, then you can expect three times as many agreements to the prompt. 

On the face of things, that sounds positive: 3x conversions is a great stat for a simple change. But if you dig a little deeper into the statistics, that 3x conversion rate is also based on a smaller initial group that includes only those performing the targeting action. That doesn't sound as good. If you dig deeper again, then the benefits swing up again: you're getting more valuable conversions. Waiting for a specific action or behavior means you're only prompting the market that will more actively engage with your brand. That's good, and more helpful, data.

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