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9 Jan

Validate email addresses as they are entered with QAS Email.

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Validate email addresses as they are entered with QAS Email. Watch the video to see how to validate email addresses before they are entered into your database.

Implementing an email validation tool on your website and web-based forms will help to ensure your database is up-to-date and all your email addresses are accurate. Learn more

Validating email addresses has long been a topic of much discussion and controversy. There are several different methods, of which just using a regular expression if often the go-to solution. Another option is to send an email to the address, and wait to see if it bounces back. Experian offer something interesting here, by checking the address with the email provider to see if the account exists. If it doesn''t, Experian claims it can attempt to figure out the correct email provider and correct the address.

This sounds like a really great solution, and I would like to see it in action. One massive advantage, as outlined in the above video, is that emails are not actually sent to the addresses, thereby not sending out a whole lot of bogus emails which bounce back and hurt the integrity and reputation of your company''s email account. Depending on the size and type of application, this type of email validation could be invaluable (if it works well), while on the other hand, a regular expression check to validate the format of the email may still be sufficient.

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