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8 Sep

UI & UX Design: An Integrated Approach for Optimal User Experience

Have you ever used a cool-looking database, but can''t find the navigation buttons? Or, you can''t figure out how to utilize its functions? Or maybe the font fades into the background. The platform might look cool, but it doesn''t function the way you need it to.

The reason for the dysfunction is a lack of balance between UI and UX design. Read on to find out more about the difference between the two design functions and how they can work together.

A sleek platform, cool platform, minimalist, or whatever style or atmosphere you choose is created by a user interface designer. UI designers choose colors, images, and create the platform''s atmosphere and style.

User experience designers don''t dislike cool looking platforms but they want to make certain that they function for the user.

UX designers spend a great deal of time researching user expectations and behaviors. They aim to predict where, on the screen, a user expects to find ways to input data. Or, at what point the user is most likely to become overwhelmed with too much displayed information.

By learning about customer and user behavior, either through surveys or usability testing, UX designers determine the best layout for functional designs.

Although UI & UX Design exist separately and perform different functions, software development works best when the two areas are integrated.

UX designers spend time creating wireframes and layout in collaboration with UI designers, who make certain that the UX layout is feasible. UI designers then set out to make the site aesthetically pleasing. 

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