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19 Sep

Two Essential Elements of Mobile Sites: Progressive Web Apps and Big Buttons

How many clicks does it take to get to the center of your business website?

If each action takes more than one click, your mobile website is poorly designed. It might be beautiful, concise, and full of great content, but it's not meant for mobile users. Tapping specific buttons and filling out fields on a smartphone is a difficult, tedious task under the best of circumstances. So your website needs to help customers move from the search engine results to the checkout page with as few clicks as possible. Here's how to do it:

Turn your website into a progressive web app.

Progressive web apps are the perfect mix between mobile sites and native apps. Native apps have a huge barrier to adoption. Your customers need to have the bandwidth, time, and incentive to download it, and those three rarely match up. Even if it does, there's very little guarantee that your app will stay on their home screen or even on their mind.

But a PWA has several of the unique tools that native apps bring to the table on smartphones. They have:

All of these features reduce the number of clicks and, maybe even more importantly, the amount of information users have to type in.

Cut down on words and make the buttons big.

Big buttons reduce mistakes. You're already working with a tiny screen, so big buttons might not be worth the real estate. But the last thing you want to do is annoy customers by having too many different hyperlinks too closely packed together. If your prospective customers have to zoom in, go back, or trying tapping a button multiple times, they're likely to abandon the cart.

Mobile shoppers aren't patient people. In fact, the average session of phone use is approximately seventy seconds. Learn more about how technology is changing how people interact online at folio1's blog here.

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