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23 Jul

Trend - Reducing the DevOps Metrics Being Tracked

As the era of Big Data emerged, companies and IT departments had a tendency to track as many DevOps metrics as possible. Everything from uptime, to transactions per second, to bugs fixed to commits and many more. Companies have been flooded with data and are able to more finely optimize their operations as a result. However, recent months have seen the trend reverse to some extent. While all of the data is still stored (it is so cheap), the number of metrics that are actually tracked and provided to management is being slimmed down. This is for several important reasons.

Connection to Core Business Functionality

While certain metrics surrounding speed and uptime are important from a technical perspective, they don't necessarily connect directly to the goals of the business. For that reason, companies are now focusing on viewing more direct indications of success such as customer ticket volume. That metric indicates the success of the network and whether customers are having problems with the service. That is a better metric for the future success of the company.

More Comprehensive Measures

Additionally, teams are starting to look at more holistic measures of technical success. One such measure is the percentage of failed deployments. The larger this percentage, the worse the company is functioning. DevOps that produce many failed products over time are wasting money and effort. Even though uptime may remain high, the overall technical capacity is poor.

More Meaningful Internal Metrics

Finally, the simple measure of IT job satisfaction is a good proxy for the productivity of the team. Studies have shown over and over again that teams that enjoy what they are doing perform at a much higher level. As this metric improves, so will the network.

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