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11 Aug

Three DevOps Trends Impacting Organizations in 2017


In any manufacturing company, the ability to communicate effectively between departments is the key to successful production. With DevOps, companies not only get a solution that enhances communication between the developments and operations team but experience improved collaboration between both. Over the years, many companies have realized the benefits of using DevOps software for their manufacturing process and in the process creating an environment where you can build and test a software rapidly and reliably. This has led to emergence of some new trends around the software use such as;

  1. Organizations shifting focus from scaling agile to doing full DevOps to improve agility. While DevOps and agile are here to stay, most enterprise leaders have started shifting their vision from a tunnel to broad view by including all end-to-end value stream. This means the adoption of DevOps in businesses has led to the maturity of software delivery in enterprises to the extent that they now want to view agility holistically.

  2. There is a shift from measuring DevOps performance with traditional technical metrics to using metrics in assessing the delivery of business value to customers.
    As businesses become more and more aware of their value streams from end-to-end, they require new metrics and insights to streamline DevOps functionality continuously. For many enterprise heads, merging different ideas produced during DevOps with the relevant enterprise data gotten earlier during the software lifecycle plays an integral part in improving the overall business agility.

  3. Organizations are seeking to unify agile development, strategic planning, and DevOps deployment entirely. As leaders start to fully focus on the holistic approach on value streams and agility, there lies a possibility that they will seek the unifications of different functionalities of the software. The idea rests on the premise that unless the workers process and the tools of this three silos get consolidated, then it may impede the enterprise agility.

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