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The Difference Between UI and UX

When it comes to design, the terms UI and UX are often used by people in the tech industry. The roles of each are often misunderstood and falsely referred to. It isn''t just slang and knowing the difference and how they work together is crucial to creating a great product.

What is UX?

UX stands for User Experience and deals with a customer''s interaction with all facets of a company''s website. It is multi-faceted and incorporates all the areas that have to do with how the product feels. Optimizing the overall product for effective use and ease is key. A UX designer tests to see if the flow of the web site is logical and easy to navigate for a new user. UX utilizes wireframes, storyboards, and sitemaps for design. Then prototyping and testing become important in order to come up with the best flow.

What is UI?

In contrast, UI, which refers to User Interface, is concerned with the layout of the site. UI makes certain each page is visually appealing and interacts with the path created by the UX designer. They are responsible for consistency in style across the site. When done right, a UI designer will create brand consistency and deal with a positive presentation of the site to the user.

UX and UI work best when incorporated together. By creating a site that flows, is easy to use, but also visually appealing, a company will have a great deal more success online. For questions about how to create the best site for your customers, please contact us today.

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