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Tech Startup Dream: Becoming a UI/UX Tester

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What is a UI/UX Tester?

UX (User Experience) design and UI (User Interface) design testers analyse bot the analytical and technical aspects, and the graphic elements of user experience. Part of a growing field of user experience professionals working with startups and tech enterprises, UX and UI Testers provide insights and analysis of consumer interaction with new product proto-types and pilot service performance.

Why is UI/UX Important to Project Lifecycle?

UI and UX professional testers contribute to the research and development phase of product innovation, and are responsible for the Iterative design activities of prototyping, testing, analysis and refinement of launched products, processes or services. Usability testing techniques employed by UI and UX testers, focus on user interactivity with a product.

User experience tests measure compatibility of a product with its intended purpose. The aim of most usability tests, is identification of uncertainties and points of benefit.

Identification of uncertainties enables product developers to find solutions to problems, as well as eliminate of redesign costs in the future. Tests dedicated to refinement of existing products, rely on user experience to find points of benefit that will add value to products, business processes, or user demand.

How to Become a UI/UX Tester

The ingenuity behind tech start-up innovation, UI/UX design specialisation originated in response to demand for testing by those organisations. Convergence of UI or UX Design with higher education skills in the Social Sciences, the earliest user experience professionals commenced their careers working with tech startups.

Cognitive Science and Sociology training offer theoretical foundation to digital product UI/UX testing activities. Technical schools and tech company majors like Google offer boot camp incubator programs for entrepreneurs interested in getting into the field.  

What Makes a Great Tester

Proper training has much to do with UI/UX tester value to a team. Both roles demand specific knowledge. Here are the criteria to performing the UX Designer and UI Designer roles essential to qualifying as a professional tester in the field.

UX Tester

The responsibilities of a UX Tester are aligned with development of products, and particularly, digital products. UX professionals work on strategy and content for fulfillment of Competitor Analysis, Customer Analysis, Product Structure, Product Strategy, and Content Development. Activities of a UX tester include wireframing and prototyping, followed by iterative testing and development planning. UX testers work with a team of developers, UI designers, project managers, researchers, and marketing specialists to execute user experience testing, as well as tracking goals, integration, analysis and iteration. 

UI Tester 

A UI Tester’s responsibilities address user trust in the look and feel of a product during testing. UI professionals perform customer analysis, design research, branding and graphic development, and mapping of user guides and storyline features of product lifecycle. Working with UX testers, UI testers look at responsiveness and interactivity of UI Prototyping, Interactivity and Animation, Device Screen Size Adaptation, and Implementation in relation to transference of a brand’s visual assets to benefit product development, business goals, and user experience.

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