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19 Jan

Revamp Your Home with the Internet of Things

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"Good evening Mrs. Jeff, welcome home. Your coffee is ready; just the way you like it. Would like a cookie or a scone?" Well, that may be a little overrated but that is the home IoT is aiming to deliver. We already have a couple of such homes but for their price tag, these homes are still reserved for a few billionaires. Here is what you and I can afford:

Smart-home hubs: These are dedicated to enhancing your home experience by taking control of almost all your modern equipment at the touch of your smartphone controls. You can control your television and music as well as your security cameras remotely. And the best part is that these dedicated hubs can also keep an eye on running water taps and such small mishaps.

Smart light bulbs: This is not a new technology but modern day smart bulbs are getting smarter. You can control them using IoT. If you need more light, just let your bulb know and voila, they brighten. You can also have these bulbs act as your security cameras or even your music output units. Just incorporate a micro-camera or Bluetooth speakers and the bulbs become multi-purpose.

Smart door locks: These are my favorite. Opening and closing doors is now hassle-free and you can do so from anywhere in the world as long as you have a reliable internet connection. Your visitors don't need to wait for you to welcome them home, how cool?

IoT is the new trend for homeowners who want to enjoy life in the fast lane. But let me mention that this comes with a high price tag. However, life will be made easier once you invest in a few of these gadgets. For more tech news and services, contact us. We are one step ahead in technology.

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