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21 Apr

New Marketing Era

Regardless of the compound and dispersed data, today, digital marketers are more accountable for organization results than ever before. This astounding fact is possible due to use of DEC. Sitefinity Digital Experience Cloud is a unified marketing command centre enabling marketers to optimize and understand every customer's journey to drive growth.

In the marketing line of work, Sitefinity Digital Experience Cloud through the new developments has eliminated guesswork out of their job. In an attempt to improve the user experience, there are recent developments in the Sitefinity Digital Experience Cloud which include:

Gathering Omni-channel information

Sitefinity Digital Experience Cloud through its data connectors pulls data and information from different sources and unifies it, while providing a single source of truth. This unity of information enables Sitefinity Digital Experience Cloud to provide context to marketers which in turn helps them to see interactions between all aspects of a company sales and a customer or potential customer.

Increased Insight

Through the use of machine learning, Sitefinity Digital Experience Cloud can now relate how groups of prospects and clients interact through all channels; while providing accurate and reliable recommendations on how to move them forward to their goals more efficiently. Marketers can now make informed decisions that are result oriented.

Real-time Actionable Data

Marketers can now target their actions, adjust, and run campaigns in real-time. Not only does this save precious time for the marketers but also it increases efficiency in their job by providing predictive analytics toward opportunity improvement. Get in touch with us today for more information.

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