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12 Mar

New Developments in Office 365

Folio1 Startup News

Continuous improvement of various computer applications is critical in meeting the current demands of the market. Introduction of cloud services is perhaps the latest development that continues to yield tremendous benefits for businesses and individuals in general. But even with that, it is now pushing other applications to the next level towards offering better services. Here are some of the developments in Office 365 that give it unique capabilities.


Increasing functionality of various computer applications is something that many individuals value and that is what Researcher helps you realize. Through these tools, users are capable of accessing the Bing Knowledge Graph for incorporation of sources and content, as they tackle their research papers. The best thing is that all that happens without leaving Word.


Getting the correct spelling of various words is essential for those seeking to improve on their grammar, which also implies that editing capabilities become an additional advantage for computer users. The new development in Microsoft 365 incorporates the Editor, which makes use of machine learning and national language processing. Combination of these with the input by Microsoft's linguists makes proofing and editing capabilities available.

Expansion of reference materials

Working on research papers requires one to source relevant information from some sources, and that is a daunting task. The solution to this is to have multiple sources on one platform to make your work easier and save time as well. The new developments in Office 365 avail reference materials from some sources, including history databases, national science and health centers, encyclopedias, among others. Call us now for more details.


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