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Microsoft Ignite

microsoft ignite

Microsoft Ignite - the perfect opportunity for IT to come together to explore new hands-on experiences on what’s next.

Microsoft have created an in-depth guide to navigate new information. Latest tools and services created to ensure you build & develop smarter solutions by investing in built-in capabilities, cloud-powered intelligence and integration.

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Foreword by Frank Shaw

We have so much news this Ignite about Microsoft Azure, Power Platform, Security, Microsoft 365,
Microsoft Edge and Microsoft Bing that we could fill a book and we did!

This second edition of the Ignite Book of News is your guide to all the announcements we’re making with all the
detail you’ve come to expect since last year’s Ignite, when we first started doing this. Our goal was to make it easy
for you to navigate all the latest information and get key details on the topics you care about. We’ve created a
Book of News for several big events since then, and this Ignite 2019 edition is perhaps our most in depth one yet.

At this year’s Nov. 4 8 event in Orlando, we’ll welcome more than 26,000 IT implementers and decision makers,
developers, data professionals and people from various industries to experience the latest technology available
today and get a peek at what’s coming as we step into a new decade.
Across all our news, we’re focused on the evolving needs of our customers. It’s a time when every company
is becoming a tech company, and that’s a big consideration in all of the tools and services we create to help
companies do business in smarter, more productive and more efficient ways.

You’ll see AI infused into product and service updates across the company, as well as our firm commitment
to security and privacy. You’ll also see how our approach of investing in built in capabilities, cloud powered
intelligence and integration is helping customers address some of their biggest security and compliance

As always, send us your feedback! We’d love to hear how we’re doing at getting you all the information,
executive insight and context you need.

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