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28 Jul

How Progressive Web Apps Keep First-Time Visitors on Your Site

First-time online visitors are a hard market to get a handle on. Once a consumer has become a customer, or even just a subscriber, your smart algorithms can start to make sense of the needs, interests, and buying patterns. But it's hard to know why visitors first make it to your site.

You can get a bit of data from the source of the traffic. If someone arrives through a tracked social media campaign on Twitter, you can see those customers different than those who arrive from Pinterest or from organic searches. Even this small tidbit of data can help you curate follow-up content and personalize suggestions. But it still only gives them a narrow band of personalization. 

A progressive web app can help. It won't make the band of curated content more accurate, not at the first second, but it will make the strip of available content wider. Here's how:

Increase their time on your site.

PWAs give you a standard organizational structure to mimic. This makes them easy to navigate because users implicitly recognize where to go even if they don't know it. Progressive web apps also have a "service worker" component that can cache predicted content ahead of the user's access. They aren't just restricted to the information on the specific HTML page.

Decrease negative interactions.

Most mobile users aren't using their phones in ideal wi-fi environments. They're either waiting in line at the store, on their commute, or in the office without access to the protected network. That means slow load times and high bounce rates are more likely. But users are going to attribute that to your site than the lack of connectivity. Intuitive caching through the service worker helps decrease those negative interactions and other triggers that make users leave your site.

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