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30 Oct

Google glass to fit prescription glasses and sunglasses

Google''s ambitious Google Glass project is now set to expand for use with prescription glasses and sunglasses. Google has largely confirmed the story on it''s G+ page yesterday.

Google Glass, released to developers earlier this year, is a wearable computer, with a optical head-mounted display that communicates via the internet using voice commands. Users can check their emails, browse the internet, take videos and pictures or search for restaurants while they are wearing the device. The current frames do not have lenses attached to them, so it has always been a natural progression for it to be used with prescription glasses or ray-bans. Anyone using the explorer (developer) version of the product will be able to upgrade to a new model which can be fitted to their current pair of glasses.

Current availability of the product is low, with only 10,000 headsets out in the public, however it is rumored that there will be a release of tens of thousands more in the coming months. This news would indicate that production has been ramped up, with an upcoming commercial release date sometime next year.

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