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25 Mar

Factors that May Facilitate a Shift of Focus in Microsoft's Development Agenda

Since the launch of the Hololens by Microsoft, there have not been any significant developments of the mixed reality headset. Being the only product of its type available in the market leaves Microsoft as the only producer leading the park in this case. Here are some of the suggestions why new developments of the Hololens are dragging.

Absence of competition

The fact is that no other tech company has come up with such a creation, which means that Microsoft remains a leader in this aspect. The feedback that is coming from those using the Hololens indicates that the company is way ahead of other establishments of its kind in this invention, and that is part of the reason Microsoft is not in a hurry to release another version of this headset.

Diversion of attention

The indications on the ground currently, are that Microsoft is planning to release a third generation of the Hololens. Apparently, that is bypassing the second version, which should precede the third. The anticipation is that a focus on the previous version will divert attention from the third generation, which is in the pipeline already. In that case, that is another reason the tech firm is delaying development of the next version.


Releasing a second version of the original Hololens means that there will be slight changes but jumping straight to release the third, means an all round change of the same product. The imagination, in this case, is that Microsoft is thinking of eliminating the cost of the second stage of production totally for a better version. Reach out to us now for more details.

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